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At Falcon, all our refrigerated vehicles are Euro 6 Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and are available for time frames that suit all businesses. Check out our wide range below.

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Refrigerated Vehicle Hire FAQ's

Insurance and VAT are included within the price of the vehicle hire unless you have specifically specified that you wish to use your own insurance provider.

Yes, we have a key return facility at both sites where you may return the keys securely outside of office hours. It is important to note, however, you still remain responsible for the vehicle until the end of your hire period.

No, for retail hires the agreement and liability is with the sole renter and so the payment card must be in their name.

Yes, each rental is a completely separate agreement and the same due diligence must be completed each time.

No, rentals are charged in 24hr periods from when the paperwork is completed and keys handed over. If collecting the vehicle the day prior takes the rental over a 24hr period then it would go into a second day’s hire.

No, for insurance purposes we do not provide straps with hires, however you are permitted to use your own.

No, we are currently not able to provide retail hire outside of the UK. For corporate hire using your companies own insurance and breakdown cover however this can be permitted so long as you provide the sufficient covers.

No, paperwork must be completed at the point of taking the vehicle. It only takes 10-15 minutes and the renter has to sign the agreement and damage condition sheet which can only be done whilst the vehicle is present for keys to be handed over.

No, our insurance only covers up to 7.5T and for anything larger than that it would need to be covered by a company’s own insurance and also therefore be a corporate rental on account.

No, unfortunately there are many extraneous variables that could affect the logistics and planning in allocating vehicles (maintenance, faults, thefts, breakdowns, damages, unexpected rental extensions, etc. the list goes on. As much as we’d love to be able to promise something specific there is just no certain way of guaranteeing this.

21-24yrs on ‘young driver’ insurance (subject to vehicle restrictions and increased excesses/deposits), 25-75yrs on our standard insurance.

Yes, both of our branches are equipped with ‘out-of-hours drop boxes’ for vehicle returns whilst the offices are closed.

No, the rental begins when the paperwork is completed and keys handed over, which must be within opening hours. There may be circumstances where you are able to leave the rental vehicle parked up and not driven away straight away when the hire begins, which our team can advise of at the point of starting the rental, but of course this does not affect the start time of rental charges.

No, we run a level-to-level fuel policy, for example, if you pick up a vehicle with half a tank of fuel in it then you must return it with half a tank of fuel. Our team can help advise of fuel tank size upon pick up of the vehicle.

For retail hires you are required to bring the following:

Driver’s Licence

DVLA Licence Check Code – https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence

Proof of Address (e.g. utility bill or bank statement issued in last 3 months)

If using the van to move house: Proof of Address for new property (e.g. mortgage offer, tenancy agreement, solicitor letter, estate agent letter)

Credit/Debit card in driver’s name (to pay rental charge and security deposit)

A DVLA Licence Check Code is a code that allows us to access the part of your licence on the DVLA website that details any fines, motoring offences, endorsements, bans or disqualifications on your licence (this used to be on the now discontinued Paper Counterpart Licence) which may affect your ability to hire a vehicle or the level of excess the hire would carry. It also confirms with up to date details the categories of vehicle that you are licenced to operate.

The details stored on the DVLA website could affect your ability to hire a vehicle, the level of excess you would carry and which categories of vehicle you are permitted to operate and therefore rent from us. Without a check code for us to review these details you are not able to rent a vehicle from us.

Each rental is a completely separate agreement and the same due diligence must be completed each time. We must also ensure that it is yourself that is renting the vehicle and that someone is not attempting to fraudulently hire a vehicle under your name.

AdBlue is a liquid that is sprayed into the exhaust system used to reduce the nitrous oxide emissions of diesel engines and therefore keep diesel vehicles within Euro 6 emissions standards. Diesel vehicles will typically have a AdBlue range (available mileage before AdBlue reserve has depleted) of at least 1,000 miles +. It is not advised that the AdBlue tank is topped up frequently, but rather filled only once the range drops low. If the AdBlue is fully depleted then the vehicle will not start, and so monitoring the AdBlue level once entering low range is very important. AdBlue can be purchased from petrol stations and most supermarkets.

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