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What are the benefits of long term car hire?

If you need a vehicle for business or leisure, long term vehicle hire may not be the first option that comes to mind. As most people think cars are only available for short term rental, you may not have even considered hiring a car for a longer term. However, as professionals with over 30 years’ of industry experience, let us assure you that the are many advantages to long term car hire as an alternative to leasing or contract hire. In this useful article, we dive into the details and list the biggest benefits of long term car rentals.

The contract terms are flexible

As a business, not being tied into a fixed term commitment has many advantages. By making monthly payments that are easily manageable, you can effectively plan your budget and expenses ahead of time. Moreover, if your situation changes, you have the option to return the vehicle without incurring a substantial penalty. Flexible long term car hire means businesses can avoid paying for vehicles that are not being used, for example when employees move on etc.

Draw on the experience of professionals

Falcon Vehicle Solutions have a reputation for excellent customer service. We chat to you about your needs and present the best car rental options for you. A longer term hire means you have the added benefit of speaking to an experienced professional whenever you may need to. With Falcon you don’t get through to a call centre, you speak to the same team every time you call. You get the customer service of a local company, but with a national reach. Whether you have a question about mileage or want to chat about what to do in an emergency, our team are available to support you throughout your rental period.

You don’t pay depreciation costs

Monthly car rental gives you the freedom to enjoy driving without worrying about the value of your car decreasing with every mile. You simply pay for the use of the vehicle and fuel. Some fleet hire companies even include insurance in long term car or van rental, so it’s always best to check.

Access to a wider variety of vehicles

Sometimes we don’t have the budget to buy the vehicle we want or perhaps need; with long term vehicle rental you don’t have to be restricted by budget. Drive the vehicle you have your eye on, or increase the specification on the refrigerated van you need without breaking the bank.

Rent a car from a firmly established vehicle rental company like Falcon Vehicle Solutions and gain access to a larger variety of models for all purposes.

Improved cash flow

It makes sense for businesses to plan ahead when it comes to spending, long-term care hire allows businesses to maintain a healthy cash flow whilst accessing the vehicles they require to operate. As well as having more control over your vehicles, you can set budgets based on your rental agreement.

Vehicles are well maintained and regularly serviced

It is in the interest of vehicle rental companies to ensure any vehicle you are renting is maintained to the highest standard. You won’t have to worry about remembering to get the vehicles serviced, or if something goes wrong. You may also find that much of the administration is done for you, with the process fully managed from start to finish. At Falcon Vehicle Solutions we have an on-site workshop, so you can rest assured that your rental vehicle is maintained to the highest standard.

In summary:

  • Long-term car hire is an excellent alternative to leasing or contract hire.
  • Long-term car rentals are flexible, allowing both businesses and private renters to avoid fixed-term commitments and easily manage their budget and expenses through monthly payments.
  • When looking for a hire car, choose an experienced vehicle hire company like Falcon Vehicle Solutions who assist can assist you in selecting the best car rental options and provide support throughout the rental period.
  • Long-term car hire eliminates concerns about depreciation costs, as customers only pay for the use of the vehicle and fuel.
  • Long-term car rentals provide access to a wider variety of vehicles, allowing individuals to drive the vehicle they desire or upgrade specifications without breaking the bank.
  • Long-term rental companies ensure that vehicles are well-maintained and regularly serviced, relieving customers of the responsibility and administrative tasks associated with vehicle maintenance.

If you have any questions about long term car hire, get in touch with our vehicle rental specialists who are more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

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